Kiss me sweet goodnight
well hello...
to start off my name is adriana sofia, and i live in puerto rico but Im moving to New York City for college (going to NYU :D ) :)
just a few facts...good luck :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. i love being around people
2. i absolutely love chocolate, can't be around a bag of hershey kisses without eating like 10...
3. i stopped liking math once i had to do fractions and started hating it once the alphabet got involved
4. im not witty so when i make witty remarks im amazed at myself
5. my future involves writing, art and photography because i think beauty should be captured in every possible form
6. if i had to choose between being followed by love or fear i would choose love because it has a longer impact on people
7. I LOVE titanic and pearl harbor, love them!
8. i think shakespeare was a genius and love poetry especially lewis caroll :)
9. I love reading, its amazing. favorite authors include Sarah Dessen and Ellen Hopkins
10. favorite number is 5 and i love greek mythology
11. My dream is to become a photographer for National Geographic
12. i think people should be well rounded and should be diverse in culture so im a big believer in traveling and exploring new places and people
13. i can be quite supersticious at times even though i dont i dont intend to and since its number 13 i thought it fitting to state that here
14. i would die without music, its an important factor in my life and i would be incomplete wthout it. some of my favorite bands include: three days grace, my chemical romance and la oreja de van gogh, my newly discovered interest is cultura profetica :)
15. i get bored easily and if i have a sharpie or something to write on or with i will end up drawing a lot!
16. im a quote addict, so if im near a computer i will at a point be looking up qoutes to write down
17. i love snakes, love them!
18. im not a morning person, so dont expect me to be completely aware of things anytime before 1 pm
19. Nanny (my best friend) is like my other half, she knows basically everything about me. we're so close that at times she could finish my sentences or train of thought :). We get sick at the same time and we are eachothers cant leave home without accessory, if im at a party she is probably somewhere near by, if not just right next to me.
20. i laugh at almost anything, i belive that happiness is powerful enough to change anything and i believe that you should always smile, because nothing is ever too difficult to fix, and if it is well all you have left is you and you should be happy for at least that
21. i can sleep for days! im the kind of person that can fall asleep almost anywhere (ex. my bathroom floor and kitchen floor)
22. i never seem to remember my dreams and that annoys me
23. i love romantic things, and i believe in falling in love at first sight. it may not happen often but im certain it happens :)
24. for fun i count yellow cars and play punch buggy with nanny when were on a bus or car ride
25. i dont believe in hating people, if you hate them it means that they mean something to you, its far better to just forget about them, that way you dont give them importance.
26. im shy when meeting someone so i need someone who is not afraid of talking... a lot!
27. im the kind of person that wakes up and hits my shoulder or knee against my door frame, nunca falla...
28. two wrongs dont make a right, so why be mean to someone just because they are to you. it wont fix anything
29. my favorite flowers are daisies and sunflowers
30. dream big and make it happen. Nothing is ever too hard or too stupid if you put your whole heart into it. Its a passion and that is always enough :)
Tanning in Vieques
  1. Tanning in Vieques

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